Laguna Niguel Holiday Parade


Laguna Niguel Holiday Parade


Failure to comply with the Laguna Niguel Holiday Parade Rules and Regulations
may result in immediate dismissal and/or your entry will not be invited back to participate.

  1. In order to prevent children from becoming confused while viewing the parade, entries will not be allowed to have anyone or anything dressed as Santa Claus (including dolls and mannequins).  This includes anyone in your group that has a white beard and wears a Santa hat, or any red hat, that would cause him to resemble Santa.  There is to be ONLY ONE SANTA CLAUS and he will be the last entry in the parade.  
  2. The Parade Committee must approve all entries for the Laguna Niguel Holiday Parade prior to the acceptance of the entry as a participant.
  3. The Committee must approve any deviation from the rules and also accepts no responsibility for false statements made by applicants or entrants.
  4. All entries must be consistent with the Parade theme and maintain the decorum of the event.  No proselytizing or attempting to win converts to any particular religious, political, social or other viewpoints will be accepted.
  5. Failure to follow Parade officials' instructions shall be cause for disqualification and removal.
  6. Any group with children will be permitted to march only if accompanied by one (1) adult for every ten (10) children.
  7. Entrants must remain in assigned position throughout route of the parade until directed to disperse at the end of the route in the disassembly area.
  8.  Illegal substances and alcoholic beverages are prohibited at the parade (this includes the assembly area, the line of the march and anywhere along the route).  Violators will be disqualified and the Sheriff's Department will be notified.
  9. No Parade decorations shall consist of any kind of noisemakers, unless approved by the Parade Committee.  Unauthorized noise can spook animals or disrupt bands in the lineup.
  10. The Parade Committee shall remove any animal or entry they deem unfit and/or unsafe.
  11. All drivers of motorized vehicles along the Parade Route must be over the age of 18 years old and submit proof of a valid driver's license and current insurance.
  12. For safety reasons, the handing out, distribution or throwing of items (candy, brochures, coupons, etc.) to the people viewing the Parade is not permitted along the Parade Route or within the immediate vicinity of the Parade.  Information Booths will not be able to accept any promotional items, unless cleared by the Parade Sponsorship Coordinator.  
  13. Bubbles will not be allowed for safety reasons.  
  14. Car club entries will be limited to 12 vehicles.  Please start your engines as close to your step off time as possible in an effort to reduce the exhaust fumes that the other participants must breathe in.  

The Parade Committee and City Council have adopted the following guidelines in accepting Parade entries:
Advocating for specific agendas, other than the theme, will not be allowed.  This includes specific advertising of entries, handouts or literature or verbal expressions of specific group theme or identity not specifically within or adhering to the Parade theme.

Contact us if you have any questions on these items.